Santa Maria Maggiore

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Triumphal Arch and Presbytery

Main Altar and Baldacchino:
DSC7014 DSC7561 DSC7051 DSC7043 DSC7046
DSC7020 DSC7048 DSC7194 DSC7563 DSC7562

PICT0028 63764894 56383476 84377941
PICT0036 DSC7049 38935187 PICT1054

Triumphal Arch:
PICT0025 DSC7548 DSC7552 DSC7548c DSC7550

Apse and Apse Mosaics:
27623707 85396835 42568306 25374169 DSC7559
DSC7558 DSC7564 DSC7565 75397936 PICT0043
DSC7192 DSC7190 DSC7193

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