San Rocco all'Augusteo

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Right side chapels/altars

Chapel of Our Lady of Graces
11i79043 11a54678 11g54321 11d90896 11c59064
11e57876 11f57832 11h68987 11b95673 11j67856

Chapel of the Crucifix
12c14983 12d45813 12e75391 12f46825 12a45896 12b45897

Chapel of the Immaculate Conception
13h97652 13g58794 13i15796 13f15864 13c75953 13e14964

Chapel of St Joseph
14h87453 14k67843 14i87954 14b36541 14e45813
14c96541 14a58745 14g20354 14j89065 14d74581

Chapel of St Francis of Paola
15d75942 15c53789 15a15632 15b47536 15e48635

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