Santa Maria Maggiore

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Façade and Piazza di Santa Maria Maggiore:
24175428 DSC7590 PICT1025 21634107 DSC7009 DSC7595
DSC7596 DSC7597 DSC7591 DSC7592 DSC7603 DSC7602
DSC7604 DSC7523 DSC7546 42206964 PICT1023

Loggia and Mosaics:
DSC7501 DSC7501 DSC7505 DSC7507 DSC7515
DSC7519 DSC7509 DSC7502 DSC7520a DSC7504
DSC7508 DSC7522 DSC7513 DSC7512 DSC7514

PICT0122 PICT1026 DSC7601 DSC7598 DSC7599 DSC7600

Apse Frontage and Piazza dell'Esquilino:
27496573 PICT1021 DSC7605 PICT1020 DSC7606
DSC7608 DSC7609 DSC7607 DSC7610

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