San Lorenzo in Lucina

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Left side chapels

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Chapel of St. Charles Borromeo
DSC0128 DSC0192 DSC0193 DSC0194 DSC0197 DSCF0072
DSC0196 DSCF0073 DSC0202 DSC0198 DSC0199 DSC0200

Chapel of St. John Nepomucene
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DSC0216 DSC0218 DSC0219 DSC0221 DSC0222 DSC0220

Chapel of St. Joseph
DSC0224 DSC0227 DSC0228a DSCF0079 DSC0232 DSC0233

Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi
(Cappella Mariscotti)
DSC0238 DSCF0082 DSC0244 DSC0241 DSC0239
DSC0247 DSC0252 DSC0253 DSC0254 DSC0256
DSC0257 DSC0262 DSC0258 DSC0255 DSC0267

Memorial to Cardinal Gabriele della Genga Sermattei
DSC0272 DSC0273 DSC0276 DSC0274 DSC0278

Chapel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
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