Santa Maria della Scala

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Right side chapels

Chapel of St Teresa of Jesus
DSC1274 DSC1273 15a47354 DSC1280 DSC1276 DSC1294
DSC1287 DSC1291 DSC1292 DSC1293 DSC1285 DSC1284

Chapel of St Joseph
DSC1167 DSC1301 DSC1302 DSC1307 DSC1303
DSC1304 DSC1308 DSC1309 DSC1310 DSC1313

Chapel of St Hyacinth
DSC1317 DSC1319 DSC1327 DSC1328 DSC1329 DSC1332

Chapel of St John the Baptist
DSC1336 DSC1337 DSC1338 DSC1339 DSC1344
DSC1340 DSC1341 DSC1342 DSC1345 DSC1346

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