Santa Maria della Scala

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Left side chapels

Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
DSC1200 DSC1203 DSC1206 DSC1204 DSC1208

Chapel of the Assumption
DSC1162 DSC1209 DSC1211 DSC1215 11a76345 DSC1216
11b50656 DSC1212 DSC1213 DSC1218 DSC1219 DSC1217

Chapel of the Crucifixion
DSC1222 DSC1222b DSC1222a DSC1230 DSC1236 DSC1232

Chapel of Our Lady of the Stairs
13a85746 DSC1242 DSC1243 DSC1244 DSC1247 DSC1248
DSC1251 DSC1252 DSC1253 DSC1254 DSC1255 DSC1259

Chapel of the Relic
14a85943 14f79062 14e57653 14d87421 14c90452 14b68543

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