Santa Maria Madre della Famiglia

Chapel of the Governorate of Vatican City

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Santa Maria Madre della Famiglia is the 20th century church of the Governorate in Vatican City, adjacent to the Palace of the Governorate.


This church was begun in 1928 as the chapel for a new seminary for the Diocese of Rome. However, as a result of the Concordat agreed between Mussolini and the Church in 1929, giving territorial sovereignty to the Vatican City, the new main building was converted before completion into the Palazzo di Governatorio or the Palace of the Governor of Vatican City. The church was completed in 1931.

The architect was Giuseppe Momo, who also designed the railway station just to the south, by Pope Pius XI. In order to give access to the station the work entailed the demolition of the 16th century church of Santa Marta in Vaticano, hence the new seminary chapel was dedicated as a church in honor of the same saint and had several artworks transferred to it in 1930.

There was a restoration in 1966, and the church was re-consecrated in honor of Our Lady, Mother of the Family in 2007.

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Location: 41° 54' 8.5" N, 12° 27' 3"E

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