Santo Volto di Gesù

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Ferial Chapel
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Santo Volto di Gesù (The Holy Face of Jesus) is a modern parish church in the suburb of Nuova Magliana in the Portuense district. The parish used to be dedicated to San Massimiliano Kolbe, but was re-dedicated to the Holy Face of Jesus when the new church was completed in 2006. It was designed by a partnership of Piero Sartogo and Nathalie Grenon, and is considered one of the most successful and important modern churches in Rome.

The plan is rather complex. The basic unit is an isosceles right-angled triangle, with the hypotenuse forming the wall behind the altar. Facing the altar, the left-hand side of the triangle has a segmental curve except for a short section just before the right angle. An extension at a lower elevation, to the plan of one end of a parallelogram, is attached to the right hand side of the triangle, but does not take up the entire side. The 45-degree angle to the right (north) protrudes beyond this, and the entrance is in the extension by this angle.

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Location: 41°51.6'7"N 12°27'32"E

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