Santo Spirito in Sassia

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Right side chapels

Chapel of the Transfiguration
DSC_3884 DSC_3903 DSC_3904 10e68709 DSC_3901
10d95683 10a54367 10b96783 DSC_3877 10c67834

Chapel of The Divine Mercy and Saint Sister Faustina
DSC_3885 DSC_3886 DSC_3907 DSC_3914 DSC_3910
11b75634 DSC_3908 11a54356 DSC_3911 DSC_3913

Organ bay
12b54657 12a84689 DSC_3915 DSC_3916
DSC_3920 DSC_3917 DSC_3918

Chapel of the Assumption
DSC_3890 DSC_3890a DSC_3921 13b54789 DSC_3928
DSC_3922 13a64532 DSC_3925 DSC_3926 DSC_3927

Chapel of Pentecost
14a43567 DSC_3932 DSC_3937 DSC_3939 DSC_3936 DSC_3940

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