San Roberto Bellarmino

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Sanctuary and apse
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Left side chapels
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Right side chapels
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San Roberto Bellarmino is a mid 20th century parish and titular church in the Parioli quarter. The main entrance faces the Piazza Ungheria. The dedication is to the Jesuit cardinal St Robert Bellarmine.

For reference, a plan of the church is available here.


The parish was founded by Pope Pius XI in 1933, after St Robert Bellarmine had been canonized in 1930 and declared a Doctor of the Church in 1931. The architect Clemente Busiri Vici had begun the design in the latter year, and construction began in 1933. However the work took more than two decades, and the church was only finally consecrated in 1959 by Monsignor (later Cardinal) Luigi Traglia.

The new parish was initially entrusted to the Jesuits, but they had to give it up in 2003 and it is now administered by diocesan clergy.

The church was made titular in 1969. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (later Pope Francis) was titular priest here from 2001 to 2013. He was replaced in 2014 by Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli.

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Location: 41° 55' 24"N 12° 29' 35"E

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