Santa Prassede all'Esquilino

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Right side aisle and chapels

DSC0786 DSC0719 DSC0728 DSC0716 DSC0717
DSC0779 DSC0780 DSC0785 DSC0787 DSC0789

Chapel of the Crucifix
DSC0703 DSC0712 DSC0713 DSC0714 16b87945
PICT0121 16a37469 DSC0715 PICT0118 DSC0706

Madonna della Saluteo
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Coëtivy chapel (Gift Shop)
DSC0575 18a46353 DSC0721 DSC0720 DSC0724 DSC0723

The Chapel of St Zeno
DSC0730 19a56874 19b39475
19g78364 19k93821 19h87965 19m90956 DSC0736
19e56789 19d96784 DSC0735 DSC0732 DSC0733
19p53476 19n58476 19q90845 19r37651 DSC0738

Chapel of the Pillar
19Aa5645 DSC0743

​Chapel of St Pius X (Cesi Chapel)
DSC0586 DSC0746 20a96834 DSC0748 DSC0755 DSC0747
DSC0751 DSC0756 DSC0757 DSC0759 DSC0766

​Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary
DSC0593a DSC0771 DSC0773 DSC0776 DSC0777 21a76534

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