Santa Prassede all'Esquilino

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Left side aisle and chapels

DSC0603 DSC0604 DSC0605 DSC0665 DSC0666 PICT0101

Chapel of St Peter

Chapel of San Carlo Borromeo
DSC0524 DSC0608 DSC0612 DSC0610 DSC0614
DSC0616 DSC0617 DSC0618

Olgiati Chapel
DSC0531 DSC0621 DSC0620 DSC0625 12a57683
DSC0627 DSC0633 DSC0631 DSC0652 DSC0641

Chapel of St John Gualbert
DSC0536a PICT0097 DSC0672 DSC0673 DSC0677
13c89034 13a54783 DSC0685 DSC0682 DSC0680 DSC0683

DSC0691 DSC0689 DSC0696 DSC0695 DSC0694 DSC0693

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