Santa Prassede all'Esquilino

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Here, the Risen Christ stands among the clouds, and is being awarded the wreath of victory from the hand of the Father. He is flanked by Sts. Peter and Paul, holding their arms round the shoulders of SS Prassede and Pudentiana. The two women are shown as Byzantine princesses, clad in cloth-of-gold with pearls, sapphires, a few rubies, and red shoes. To the right is a deacon, of uncertain identity but claimed to represent the martyr St Zeno. To the left Pope St Paschal is seen holding a model of the church. The mosaic can be dated to the reign of St Paschal since he has a square halo, showing that he was alive when it was made. The composition is flanked by a pair of date palms, and in the palm tree next to the pope there is a phoenix, a symbol of immortality.

The blue band at the base of the composition is a common symbol of baptism, and here it is even identified as JORDANES, the River Jordan. Below this, the lower rim of the conch depicts The Lamb of God with twelve sheep on a golden background, symbolising the Apostles
(Plan location #8)

(Photo borrowed from internet)