San Marcello al Corso

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Left side chapels

Chapel of the Good Shepherd
10a65786 DSC9114 DSC9115 DSC9116

Chapel of the Seven Holy Founders
DSC9121 DSC9125 DSC9135 DSC9134 11a43678 DSC9127
DSC9128 DSC9136 DSC9138 DSC9140 DSC9129 DSC9141

Chapel of St Mary Magdalen
DSC9143 DSC9149 DSC9151 DSC9150 DSC9159
DSC9154 DSC9157 DSC9160 DSC9165

Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows
DSC9234 DSC9167 DSC9236 DSC9167a DSC9242
DSC9235 DSC9243 DSC9245 DSC9246 DSC9249

Chapel of St Paul
DSC9257 DSC9260 DSC9263 DSC9264 DSC9265 DSC9267
DSC9278 DSC9280 DSC9290 DSC9292 DSC9295 DSC9298

Chapel of St Philip Benizi
DSC9304 DSC9310 DSC9311 DSC9309 DSC9305 DSC9316
DSC9317 DSC9322 DSC9327 DSC9323 DSC9320 DSC9329

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