Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

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Right side chapels

Chapel of Saint Francis da Paolo
DSC6394 DSC6395 DSC6403 DSC6406 DSC6405
DSC6396 DSC6398 DSC6400 DSC6399 DSC6402

Chapel of the Minim Blesseds
IMG_0032 DSC6411 DSC6425 DSC6419 DSC6424
DSC6420 DSC6414 DSC6422 DSC6423

Chapel of Saint Francis da Sales
DSC6427 IMG_0034 DSC6428 DSC6441 DSC6434
DSC6433 DSC6437 DSC6438

Chapel of Saint Michael the Archangel
DSC6444 DSC6451 DSC6450 DSC6445 DSC6452 DSC6455

Chapel of Saint John the Baptist
DSC6471 DSC6473 DSC6474 DSC6475 DSC6472
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