Sant'Andrea delle Fratte

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Left side chapels

Chapel of Our Lady
DSC6290 DSC6290a DSC6291 DSC6292 DSC6293

Chapel of the Crucifixion
DSC6294 DSC6295 DSC6302 DSC6298 DSC6300 DSC6299

Chapel of the Miraculous Madonna
DSC6305 DSC6312 DSC6317 DSC6314 DSC6313
DSC6307 DSC6308 DSC6309 DSC6310 DSC6311

Chapel of Saint Joseph
DSC6318 IMG0018 DSC6329 DSC6326 DSC6321
DSC6319 DSC6322 DSC6324

Chapel of Saint Anne
DSC6343 DSC6342 DSC6344 DSC6346 DSC6348 DSC6358
DSC6359 DSC6350 DSC6349 DSC6360 DSC6361

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